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K-12 Resources

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Introductory Level Modules: A series of thought-provoking nanotechnology PowerPoint presentations filled with in-depth material surveying where nanotechnology came from, why it is so unique, how it is practiced, and what it can do.

Introductory Level Activities: Interactive nano-enabled products used to expand the imaginations of K-12 students with current applications benefiting from nanotechnology.

High School Level Nanotech Academy Activities: A collection of informal activities created for a 1-3 day nanotechnology camp available to those interested in creating similar events or to supplement the classroom experience.

High School Level Experiments: A collection of experiments and activities that introduce nanotechnology concepts and applications to many levels; includes, but is not limited to, nanoparticle synthesis for bacterial inhibition, micro- and nanofluidic device fabrication with common materials, micro- and nanoencapsulation, and nanowire sensor applications.

Multimedia: A collection of interactive multimedia in nanotechnology. These resources are suitable for a variety of levels and subject areas.

Remote Access: Video learning modules and example lab experiments suitable for post-secondary and secondary classrooms. Request time on our characterization equipment and bring cutting-edge technology into your classroom today.