E SC 215 Associated Laboratory Availability

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ESC 215 Lab Overview  
Unit Template Laboratory Turnkey Laboratory Supplemental
Unit 1 - Materials
Lecture 1: Metal Nanoparticles: How are they manufactured, what useful properties do they have and what are some examples of products? Handout: Synthesis of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles in Solution
Unit 2 - NanoScience and Nanotechnology
Lecture 1: NanoScience and Nanotechnology: How the Smallest Building Blocks are Impacting Life Today and Tomorrow
Unit 3 - Health Science
Lecture 1: Tech Intersection: Understanding the Bio & Nano Link
Lecture 2A: Microfluidics a Review with Selected Biological Applications
Lecture 2B: Microfluidics a Review with Selected Biological Applications
Unit 4 - Energy
Lecture 1: Nanotechnology in Solar Cells: Solar Cell Optics Handout: Dye Sensitized Solar Cell_DSC
Lecture 2: Nanotechnology in Solar Cells: Light Trapping
Lecture 3: Organic Solar Cells
Lecture 4: Nanotechnology and Energy: Batteries, Fuel Cells, and PV
Unit 5 - Manufacturing
Lecture 1: Application of Nanotechnology to Solar Cells
Lecture 2: Process Variation and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Unit 6 - Electronics
Lecture 1: How is Nanotechnology Changing the Electronics Industry?
Unit 7 - Food
Lecture 1: Nanoscale Science & Technology for Food
Lecture 2: Nanotechnology: Impact on Agriculture and Food
Unit 8 - Environment Impact
Lecture 1: Nanotechnology in Solar Cells: Solar Cell Optics
Unit 9 - Medicine & Environment
Lecture 1: Membrane Technology for Medicine and the Environment