E SC 216 Associated Laboratory Availabilty

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ESC 216 Lab Overview 

Unit Template Laboratory Turnkey Laboratory Supplemental
Unit 1 - Characterization Overview
Lecture 1: Touching, Seeing, Chemically Detecting, and Hearing at our Size Scale
Lecture 2: The Use of Probes, Beams, and Waves for Characterization at the Nano-scale Ellipsometry Lab

Profilometry Lab
Unit 2 - Basic Characterization Techniques
Lecture 1: Basic Characterization Techniques
Unit 3 - Microscopy
Lecture 1: Fundamental SEM Operation SEM/AFM Practice Labs
Lecture 2: Electron Microscopy Overview
  Transmission Electron Microscopy
Lecture 3: Fundamental FESEM Operation Introduction to FESEM

Lecture 4: Focused Ion Beam (FIB):
"Seeing" and "Processing" at the Nano-scale

Lecture 5: Confocal Microscopy
Unit 4 - Probe Methods

Lecture 1: Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy,
Part 1

Process Control: Intermittent Mode & Non-Contact Mode AFM

Process Control: SPM Imagine Analysis/Processing Software

Lecture 2: Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy,
Part 2

Magnetic Force & Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Unit 5 - X-Ray Methods
Lecture 1: X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
Lecture 2: Sample Preparation for Powder X-ray Diffraction
Unit 6 - Fundamental Review
Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Metrology and Characterization for Nanotechnology