E SC 211 Associated Laboratory Availability

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E SC 211 Labs
Unit Template Laboratory Turnkey Laboratory Supplemental Laboratory
Unit 1 - Safety and Environmental Concerns
Lecture 1: General Safety 
Awareness, Safety and
Environmental Concerns
Lab 1: EHS: Chemical & Materials Overview
Lecture 2: Gas Safety, 
Biological Safety, 
Nanomaterial Safety
Lab 2: EHS: Equipment Safety
Lecture 3: Energy, Safety,
and Environmental Concerns
Unit 2 - Processing/Manufacturing Infrastructure
Lecture 1: What is Infrastructure 
and Why Do We Need It?
Lecture 2: Facilities


Lecture 3: Overview of Vacuum
Based Systems

Lab 3: Vacuum Equipment 
Simulation Lab with EquipSim

Lab 4: Vacuum Equipment Components & Systems Part 1

Lab 5: Vacuum Equipment Components & Systems Part 2

Lab 3: Vacuum EquipSim Labs PDF

Lab 4: Intro to PVD Final PDF
Lecture 4: More on Vacuum Systems,
Part I
Lecture 5: More on Vacuum Systems,
Part II
Lecture 6: More on Vacuum Systems, 
Part III
Lecture 7: Overview of 
Non-Vacuum Based Systems
Unit 3 - Materials Overview
Lecture 1: Atoms, Molecules, 
and Materials
Lecture 2: Ways of Classifying 
Materials: Bonding Types
Lecture 3: Organic and 
Inorganic Materials
Lecture 4: Phases
Lecture 5: Classifying 
Materials by Structure
Lecture 6: Classifying Materials 
by Chemical Properties
Lecture 7: Classifying Materials
by Physical Properties: 
Electrical Properties,
Part I
Lecture 8: Classifying Materials
by Physical Properties: 
Electrical Properties, 
Part II
Lecture 9: Classifying Materials 
by Physical Properties: 
Electrical Properties, 
Part III
Lecture 10: Classifying Materials
Physical Properties:
Mechanical Properties
Lecture 11: Classifying Materials
Physical Properties: 
Magnetic Properties
Lecture 12: Classifying Materials
Physical Properties: 
Optical Properties
 Unit 4 - General Processing Concerns, Contamination and Damage
Lecture 1: General Processing Concerns, Contamination and Damage Lab 6: Introduction to Metrology
& Characterization
 Unit 5 - Basic Characterization Tools
Lecture 1: Basic Characterization Tools Lab 6: Introduction to Metrology 
& Characterization
Lecture 2: Basic Characterization Tools,

Metrology Online Lab Final - PDF