E SC 212 Associated Laboratory Availability

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E SC 212 Labs  
Unit Template Laboratory Turnkey Laboratory Supplemental
Unit 1 - An Introduction to Processing
Lecture 1: Nanofabrication Processing    
Unit 2 - An Introduction to Uses of Plasma in Processing
Lecture 1: Plasma Basics Lab 10: Introduction to Plasma-Based Processing
Lecture 2: Additive Processes and Sputtering  
Lecture 3: Plasmas and Deposition Lab 11: Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
Lecture 4: Subtractive Processes and Etching RIE Online PDF
Lecture 5: Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
Unit 3 - An Introduction to Wet Etching
Lecture 1: Wet Etching
Unit 4 - An Introduction to Basic Pattern Transfer
Lecture 1: Patten Transfer and Lithography Techniques Lab 6: Introduction to Top-down Lithography: Contact & Proximity Lithography

Intro to Litho Online PDF

Liftoff Online Lab Final PDF 

Unit 5 - Chemical Vapor Deposition
Lecture 1: Typical LPCVD Systems/Hardware and Top Down Applications Lab 12: Introduction to LPCVD
Intro to LPCVD Online
Lecture 2: Bottom up Applications/1D Materials
Unit 6 - Physical Deposition
Lecture 1: Physical Vapor Deposition Lab 3: Introduction to PVD: Thermal Evaporation of a Microarray

Lab 4: PVD: Evaporator Practice

Lab 8: Liftoff and Surface Modification Lab
Liftoff Online Lab Final PDF

PVD Uniformity Analysis PDF