E SC 215 Associated Laboratory and Supplemental Materials Availability

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ESC 215 Lab Overview  
Unit Template Laboratory Turnkey Laboratory Supplemental
Unit 1 - Material Fabrication Utilizing Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
Lecture 1: Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition
Unit 2 - Material Fabrication Utilizing Dry Etch Chemistry
Lecture 1: Plasmas and Materials
Lecture 2: Plasma Removal Processes
Unit 3 - Advanced Etch Systems
Lecture 1: The Tools for Plasma Removal Processes
Unit 4 - Oxidation and Dielectric Materials
Lecture 1: Dielectrics by Growth and Deposition
Unit 5 - Organic Solar Cells
Lecture 1: Application of Nanotechnology to Solar Cells