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A collection of interactive multimedia in nanotechnology. These resources are suitable for a variety of levels and subject areas.

NACK Animations

Other Resource Center Nanotechnology Animations

MATEC NetWorks

The Deposition Process
This animation shows the chemical vapor deposition process.

The Diffusion Process
This animation shows the diffusion process.

Dressing for Work in the Cleanroom-Video
A video is presented in which a technician at a semiconductor fab explains the gowning procedure she uses at work. (70mb file)

The Etch Process
This animation shows the plasma etching of silicon dioxide.  In this type of plasma etching, Chlorine gas and Argon gas mixture is used.

How a Plasma Etcher Works
This animation shows how a plasma etcher works.

Ion Implant
This animation shows an overview of the ion implant process.

Bourdon Tube Gauge
This animation shows the workings of a Bourdon tube gauge.

Five Stages of Flow
This animations shows the stages that molecules go through as they move from the turbulent stage of viscous flow, transition into laminar flow, and then transition again into molecular flow.

Mechanical Booster Pump
This animation shows the workings of a mechanical booster (rotary lobe) pump. 

Rotary Piston Pump
This animation shows the workings of a rotary piston pump.

Rotary Vane Pump
This animation shows the workings of a rotary vane pump.

Leak Detection Simulator
In this simulation, you will perform the vacumm testing ("outside-in") method of leak detection with a mass spectrometer leak detector.  You will control a helium spray probe and monitor a readout for the presence of helium entering a vacuum system through a leak site randomly selected by the program.

Mass Flow Controller
This animation shows a view of the MFC in operation.

RF Energy Animation
This animation shows how RF energry creates the desired conditions for plasma.

RF Energy Simulation
This simulation that follows, AC power will be used to create RF plasma.  RF plasma also exhibit glow regions, dark spaces, and sheaths.